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3 Strategies On How To Increase Brain Power

As we get older we are faced with the frightening reality that our mental decline is inevitable. The reasons for this decline, in most cases, are due to bad lifestyles and bad thinking habits. The sad thing is that even though many of us are aware of this, we do not take steps that will give us the best shot at slowing down this mental decline. Here are some ideas on how to increase brain power or at the very least put a stop to this mental decline.

Brain Power Strategies

Eat right -- Eating healthy foods leads to a healthy body. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. If you are already eating healthily, then that's great! Doing mind exercises would improve your mental sharpness a little more. For those who have not been eating well can change their eating habits right now.

First thing to do is to stop purchasing processed foods and purchase only wholesome foods. Purchase vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, lean cut meats, oily fish like wild salmon, and healthy deserts such as yogurt when you grocery shop. When you buy fresh fruits and vegetables you tend to eat them because they don't store very long. You may grocery shop more frequently, but this is a minor inconvenience to improve your mind power.

When you have wholesome food in your home you tend to cook more and eat less at fast food places and restaurants. Also, you have more control over what you eat when you cook more at home -- when eating out you are limited to what's on the menu.

Be rested -- Getting an adequate amount of sleep may be the most important strategy for increasing mind power. Ideally, adults should rest long enough to wake up naturally, without an alarm clock or some other interruption. However, with our busy lives it is not always possible to wait on our internal clock to wake us up. If that is case, be sure to allow at least seven hours of sleep before starting your day.

Not having enough physical rest inhibits productivity by decreasing mental sharpness. If you want to accomplish more during your waking hours be sure your mind and body get adequate amounts of sleep. This is how to increase brain power in a short period of time.

Listen to music -- Music can help your mind stay healthy, sharp and creative. When the pressure of work and life in general mounts high, your mind will bog down leaving you feeling dull and tired all of the time. To combat this, listen to music. Foremost, select a genre of music that relaxes you. But you can alternate between track that excite you, inspire and encourage you, and mellows you. Listen to whatever works best for motivating you to face life's challenges, but the rule of thumb is that "listening to music should be therapeutic and not overly stimulating."

It is a good idea to listen to music right before bedtime because it will put your mind at ease enabling you to fall asleep easily.

By: Bill Mckinley

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