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Staying Young

Yahoo! recently came out with a list of the top ways to delay the aging process. Many things that cause us to look and feel older are environmental in nature and thus under our control. While there is no way to stop the genetic aging process, it is estimated that about 80 percent of the things that cause aging our completely under an individual's control.

Wearing sunscreen was at the top of this list. Older looking skin is oftentimes a result of increased UV ray exposure and much of this can be stopped or at least filtered through the wearing of strong sun block. This also can help us to prevent diseases like skin cancer--definitely an added bonus. Sunglasses with UV protection can also be helpful, actually. Vision loss can be caused by extended exposure to UV rays and wearing approved sunglasses can keep your eyesight stronger for longer. You can also prevent cataracts and crow's feet this way.

Avoiding smoke and cigarettes is another major factor in preventing the aging process. Smoke, even secondhand smoke, drastically increases the age that you appear to be. If you do smoke, quit now. If you don't, try and stay away from people that do smoke near you. Smoking also has many health detriments including lung cancer and emphysema. Both of these diseases can be fatal. With this in mind, it's hard to imagine that anyone would consciously smoke or expose themselves to smoke.

Picking at acne has been shown to leave scars, which in themselves don't make you look older, but this does increase your likelihood of getting wrinkles at a premature age. Acne usually affects teenagers, but it is not uncommon to continue to get these pesky pimples at older ages as well. Refrain from picking them if and when you get them and your complexion will thank you. Avoiding wrinkles is incentive enough to not pick at your pimples.

Finally, you should try and get as much exercise as realistic. This helps avoid gaining unwanted weight and keeps our brains active and healthy. It's also been shown that exercise can increase your mood just as effectively as antidepressants. By getting exercise on a daily basis, you are going to be keeping yourself looking younger and fitter. You will have increased energy and better brain functioning. In this light, exercise not only keeps you looking younger, it makes you feel younger, too. Exercise should definitely be incorporated into your life in some fashion. Consult with your doctor prior to beginning any new sort of activity and make sure that you are not going to be endangering your health en route to getting in better shape. This would only be counterproductive.

By: Matthew G. Young

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